Groovy Excellent Education (GEE) is a private course which provides excellent teaching services for the students around jakarta. At GEE private course, the students will be guided by excellent tutors who are capable of facilitating the learning process. GEE’s vision is to provide the best education by concerning on fun and meaningful learning. Therefore, GEE private course offers fun and meaningful learning to the students.

The best education for the students can be achieved by building a good coopoeration from many parties involved, mainly the parents. GEE private course will engage the parents to maximize the students’ development.

Why do you need to choose GEE?
1. Experienced-tutors with bilingual ability (English & Bahasa Indonesia) and high academic achievement.
2. Fun and meaningful learning
3. Providing private learning for many curriculums: Indonesian curriculum, IGCSE, and IB.
4. Providing additional programs: private teaching for Music, Vocal, dance, painting, TOEFL, Baca tulis Al-Qur’an (BTA), foreign language, etc.
5. Building a good cooperation with parents
6. Easy step for registration and payment process